Inspire Hearts. Enable Action. Serve Like Jesus.

Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor, and call us crazy, but we think He really meant it. Our Community Impact Team is obsessed with providing inspiration and opportunity for our church body to serve our community consistently.  From Second Saturday to Community Impact Weekend, this team facilitates projects allowing EVERYONE to serve the Kalamazoo and Portage communities - even our littlest Bridge Kids!
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Second Saturdays

Second Saturdays are (you guessed it) held on the second Saturday of each month. For a few hours, hundreds of Bridge-goers show up at 7200 Angling Road to meet their team, then head out to one of a 8-10 projects in the area to serve.  It's an easy way to consistently get involved with making an impact locally - without any effort to plan a thing! Simply show up, grab a donut and coffee, then go love people.

Many projects include partnerships with local ministries and non-profits, allowing us to serve and support them in their needs.  Others focus on fulfilling needs of sick or elderly members of our congregation

Community Impact Weekends

Twice a year, we shut down our regular weekend services in favor of spending an entire weekend serving our community.  Instead of spending a few hours worshipping God inside our building, our entire church body launches out into the area to worship through service to others.  Projects range from stocking shelves at food shelters, to playing games at nursing homes, to raking leaves for an elderly neighbor or boxing up care packages for a women's shelter.  Dozens of projects are on the docket every April and September, and there is truly a project for EVERY person to love.

LevelUp Projects

Throughout the year, the Community Impact Team sponsors LevelUp Projects - additional donation projects that target a specific need of a ministry partner.  This Spring, we'll support a LevelUp project helping the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission provide diapers, wipes, a feminine hygiene products to their residents.  Projects like these allow our team to take on a time-sensitive need and bring it to our church, connecting the needs of the community with a body of people eager to help.