From head to heart.

Middle School... Remember it? What an incredible mixture of knowing everything, and not knowing anything...being mature, and still being a kid...liking the opposite sex, and not caring... It is a time of raging hormones, new responsibilities, adventure, heartache, and victory all in the same day!

Our Middle School ministry focuses on driving the “head knowledge” of JESUS, into the heart commitment. We encourage our middle school to ask LOTS of questions as we dig deeper into GOD’s word. We offer a Life Group model where we expect our students to challenge us, wrestle with, question, and wonder about GOD as we walk with them to develop a real and deeper faith in HIM.

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Fusion gathers each Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm at The Bridge Portage Campus (down in the Lower Level) during the calendar school year. During the summer months, there are lots of exciting events scheduled so check out our church Events tab to stay up-to-date.

NOTE: Many Event Registrations are not live until 2-3 weeks prior to an event. If a registration is not currently live, please check back later.