Do life together.

Our Life Group system is part of the core of who we are and what we do at The Bridge. Life Groups are clusters of 8-12 adults (and kids, if you've got 'em) who meet regularly to study scripture, grow in faith, and "do life" together. We have groups for both church campuses so click the button to sign up!
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Goal #1

Develop Authentic Relationships

The first thing Life Groups do is create an environment where you get to know other people on a real life level. From day 1, you begin creating friendships based on something beyond just surface-level chatter, developing relationships centered around your faith journey. Truly "doing life" alongside fellow believers who will show up for life's highs and for its lows.

Goal #2

Provide Accountability

Can we be real for a minute? Sometimes it's tough to keep yourself accountable - especially when it comes to growing in faith. Life Groups have a built-in accountability system that gives you the boost you need to stick to that thing you said you'd start/stop/keep doing. Friends who will check in and ask how you're doing, reminding and encouraging you to keep at it, are the best kind of friends.

Goal #3

Spur on Spiritual Growth

With a series of rich curriculum and intentional practices and disciplines, each Life Group phase focuses on growing and strengthening your personal spiritual growth level. From learning how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit, to understanding the importance of an active prayer life, our Life Groups were designed to provide practical tools for taking the next step in all areas of your faith.